Terms & Conditions

By visiting, using, or ordering the products displayed on the website www.limarom.ro you agree with the Terms of Use detailed below. In order to enjoy the best experience while using this website, you should carefully read the Terms and Conditions.


www.limarom.ro is administered by Limarom 2000 SRL located on 134, Ghencea Boulevard, District 6, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Registry under no. J40 / 1483/2000, FIC RO12730165.


We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions as well as any other parts of www.limarom.ro without prior notice. By accessing the Terms and Conditions page, you can always stay updated with the most recent terms.


Sign up obligations:

To place an order on www.limarom.ro, you must fill in your personal data on our website.

When using the service, you declare that you will provide real, accurate, and complete information about yourself.


If we believe that this obligation has been violated, we reserve the right to block your access to the service, for a limited or unlimited period, without any prior notice.


Prices and payment options:

Listed prices include VAT (20%).

Final price of the invoice will include the product’s price as listed on the website at the moment of acquisition, plus shipping costs.

Payment will be by cash on delivery or by credit / debit card when ordering online.


Delivery information:

Delivery will be made within 14 business days from the date of taking your order. However, this period can be extended for reasons beyond our control.


Delivery fees include the VAT and are represented by:

20 ron – for orders under 300 ron

Free – for orders over 300 ron


Delivery is made by a courier company at the customer’s doorstep. The courier will take the order within 2 days after your placement of order, and it can arrive at destination within maximum 5 days.


If you have particular preferences regarding the delivery – such as delivery time, address, certain landmarks – please type them under the Observations box before finalizing the order.

You will be notified about the delivery through an email or a phone call from us, right on the delivery day.


The package can be taken by any family member.


Products will be delivered upon availability. If one or several products that you ordered are not available at the time, you will be notified about it. In some cases, the ordered product can be replaced with a similar one if you desire and agree with the exchange.


Responsibility for any deterioration of the product or package sent back to us will belong to the courier company, according to the current legislation.


Products can be replaced by us only if the courier’s fault will be proved and if we are notified within 48 hours after you have received the damaged package.



The entire content of www.limarom.ro website, texts, images, graphics, web design, scripts, and any other data included make the property of S.C. LIMAROM 2000 S.R.L. or of its suppliers and it is protected according to the Copyright laws and Intellectual and industrial property rights. Use without written consent of any elements of the website www.limarom.ro, or of any items listed above is punishable by law. To complain intellectual propert     y rights you may use office@limarom.ro email address.


Responsibilities regarding the products:

SC LIMAROM 2000 SRL takes no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by using the products purchased from this website for other purposes than the ones specified by the manufacturer. Returning products will be made in accordance with the provisions of 130/2000 Ordinance, and for further details you will have to visit “RETURN POLICY”.


Limitations regarding the use of certain long-distance communication means:

Art.1 – The following long-distance communication means require prior consent of the consumer:

  1. a) Automated calling system without human intervention (automatic calling);
  2. b) Facsimile (fax);
  3. c) Electronic mail address (e-mail).


Art.2 – The use of other long-distance, individual communication means than those stipulated in Art.1 is not allowed if the consumer manifests his refusal.


The list of long-distance communication techniques:

  1. a) unaddressed imprinted;
  2. b) addressed imprinted;
  3. c) standardized letter;
  4. d) printed advertising with order form;
  5. e) catalogue;
  6. f) telephone with human intervention;
  7. g) telephone without human intervention (automatic calling machine, audiotext);
  8. h) radio;
  9. i) videophone (telephone with image);
  10. j) videotext (microordinator, TV screen with keyboard or touch screen);
  11. k) electronic mail (e-mail);
  12. l) facsimile (fax);
  13. m) television (teleshopping).



By using, viewing, or purchasing products on this site, the user acknowledges the fact that the Romanian laws will govern the above Terms and Conditions and any dispute of any sort that might arise between the user and SC LIMAROM 2000 SRL. In the event of any conflicts between SC LIMAROM 2000 SRL and its clients, amiable resolving the problem within at least 30 business days will be the first step to attempt.


If amiable settlement is not possible, the conflict will be resolved in court of competent jurisdiction, in accordance with Romanian laws.



If any of the above statements will be found null and void, for whatever reason, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining statements. By placing the order, the customer accepts the Terms and Conditions of use, their value being the same as a valid contract.


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the client assumes all rights and obligations deriving from the purchase through www.limarom.ro virtual shop.



If you are unhappy with the products purchased from www.limarom.ro and you want to give up on your purchase and, implicitly, to get your money back, you can apply for the return procedure within 10 business days, according to the provisions of the Government Ordinance no.130 / 2000 on consumer protection on conclusion and execution of long-distance contracts.


The term of 10 business days foreseen for exercising this right starts:

  1. a) for products, on the date of receipt by the consumer;
  2. b) for services, on the date of signing the contract.


A long-distance contract is a contract between a merchant and a consumer, under a sales system organized by the merchant, which explicitly makes use, before and upon signing the contract, of one or several long-distance communication means.


The return right within 10 business days is only for customers that have purchased online products prom the website www.limarom.ro.


The customer has the right to cancel the long-term contract, within 10 business days, without penalties and without giving any reason.


According to the Ordinance no. 130/2000 the customer will cover the returning costs of the goods to the merchant.


The right of canceling an order does not apply to legal persons.


Reimbursement must be made within 30 days after the consumer’s termination of contract.

According to the Ordinance no. 130/2000, the consumer cannot unilaterally terminate the following types of contracts, unless the parties (consumer and trader) have agreed otherwise:


  1. a) contracts of service supply whose execution has begun, with the consumer’s agreement, before the expiry of the 10 business days;
  2. b) contracts of products or services supply whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that cannot be controlled by the trader;
  3. c) contracts of products supply for goods made by the consumer’s exact specifications, clearly personalized products, or products that, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
  4. d) contracts of audio or video recordings, or computer software supply, if  such recordings or computer software were unsealed by the consumer;
  5. e) contracts of newspapers, periodicals, journals supply;
  6. f) contracts of gaming and lottery services;


For any details or questions regarding product returns, please contact us by email or at one of the phone numbers listed on www.limarom.ro.